AV Puppy and Novice retriever tests at Colquite Estate 24 June 21018

 By kind permission of Countess le Grelle, Michel van Hoobereke and headkeeper, Jim Osborne.

Judged By Steve Ashby, Sally Ashby and Alan Ging.


1st and the CFTS Puppy Shield: Binneybottom Bullfrog Blue at Grayspeed LR d Robin Gray

2nd: Kensteen Moonlight LR d John Butler

3rd: Hideawayshir Cherry Blossom LR b Marie Callister


1st and the Dan Trophy: Newmeadow Harris LR d Tess Driscoll

2nd: Trentinney Aerwyna LR b Alison Mably

3rd: Braybrook Wren LR b Ken Kenny Wilton

4th: Tybesta Ares LR d Jill Philp

COM: Percy Pine of Skyflight LR d Jo Fergie

Novice Dog/Novice Handler Award - The Canburne Plate: Caroline Edmunds

Well thought out 'shooting day' tests produce a clear winner with the other top dogs really close on points. A blistering hot day in the most beautiful surroundings. Excellent lunch too thank you Alison and well done team Cornwall again....


Open AV Retriever test at Trewithen Estate on 6 May 2018

Judged by Keith Sandercock and Matt Gould

1st: Movenne Cougar at Tunnelwood LR d Sally Ashby
2nd: Studebaker Bugatti LR d Mary-Jane Opie
3rd: Hanrebor Blackberry LR d Frank Fitheridge
4th: Silverdyke Dram of Canburne GR d Bruce Ross-Smith
COM: Westall Tolley LR d Frank Fitheridge

Veteran Award: Stagridge Racing Green LR b Kate Opie

Keeper's Choice: Fallowpark Skipper LR d Sue Vage