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English Springer Spaniel at stud

OFTW Edwardiana Minstral of Halwin Ryston

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DOB: 13/06/2012
Sire: FTCH Maesyronen Market Trader
Dam: FTW Edwardiana Brandy

Indio’s has won an Open trial qualifying him to the 2016 English Springer Spaniel Championship were he was award a diploma of merit.

Indio is a handsome looking dog with pace, drive and swank. He hunts with his nose down and has a lovely flat quartering pattern which he maintains throughout his hunting. He is a good handling dog with great gunsense and a fine game finder.

Indio is of sound temperament, was easy to train and was always keen to learn. He is just a joy to shoot over in any situation. A real tidy dog.

Contact: Michael Hoskins on 01326 341183 / 07792 020002
Email: debhosko@hotmail.com