What a great day at Endsleigh Estate, thank you so much to the landowners Mr and Mrs Tuckett and the keeper Kristian Smith for the great ground. Also to our wonderful judges Steve Bates,Jon West and Rob Wilmott. Lastly but no means least thank you to Skinners for sponsoring us yet again with some vouchers for the award winners.

PUPPY (up to 18 months of age)

1st Lanissy Saint Breward Babe of Carkees - Margaret Cox

2nd Swefen Dynamic - Ellie Scott

3rd Borrikanni Maple of Carkees - Margaret Cox

4th Woodland Hattie - Graham Davis


Kothman Symphony - Helen Ingram

Seweni Mengleugh Balsalt - Denise Taylor

Flynt of Prosper - Sue Bailey

Moorlough Orlagh - John Pascoe



1st and Best Hunting dog San Pedro Suzie of Spannerwood - Rob Maunder

2nd Cinderash Joker - Clare Oldham

3rd Vysjkan Miguel - B Smith

4th Enasgem Lexi - Chris Baker

puppy test Endsleigh 23


Treharde Teaser - Nicky Chapman

Hesperis Odin - Adrian Brown

Novice Endsleigh 23


1st Wiscombe Aramis - Dennis Wills

2nd & Best Veteran Nettlebridge Aquarius - Mark Burr

3rd Nettlebridge Black Pearl - Mark Burr

4th Nettlebridge Solar - Mark Burr


Belleverwood Heather - Denise Taylor

open test Endsleigh