Our 2023/2024 Spaniel Field Trial season, got off to a brilliant start at Caerhays Estate, St Austell on 12th October. This was our Qualifying Open AV Spaniel (Except Cockers) Stake.

Our thanks go to the Williams family for allowing us to hold our trial on their beautiful estate. This truly is a wonderful estate to be able to hold our event at, and we are extremely grateful to the Williams family and Head Keeper Jim Andrews for making it such a special day once again.

Our thanks go to Margaret Cox and Bob Lowe for judging, they gave the dogs a good run with plenty of birds and opportunities.

The day was started with Bacon rolls (thank you Val). We all set off up the hill to hunt in woodland for the first run. Then back to the vehicles to travel up to the cover crop for the second run. The cover crop really tested the dogs, who all worked very hard and gave the gallery plenty to see.

Once the trial finished, we travelled back to the cars and had pasties and cake (thank you Becky).

A very big thank you to all the helpers, who made the day run so smoothly and without their help we would not be able to run the day, you truly made the day run smoothly. Thank you, guys.

Mr Willams came to present the awards to the winners and was very pleased with the atmosphere on the day.

Our winner Harley Thomson has won here for the second time in a row. He brought the trophies with him and travelled home with them again. Very well-done Harley.

Results are as follows:

1st) & GC FTCH Ddraighelwyr Blaidd (Bishwell Bergkamp x Hillfighter Thresher) - Harley Thomson.

2nd) Shellspoon Pearlypants - Andrew Faulkner

3rd) & also GC Saxonvale Sam - Dave Hodgson

4th) Leahaine Zeus - Jonathan Nightingale


Herminey Hope of Aberwysg - Megan Jones

Eastbourne Lass - Kit Roberts-clarke

Rytex Rymi - Nick Gregory


Open Cocker Spaniel Stake

On Monday 30th October we held our Open Cocker Spaniel Trial. This is the first time we have held this event since 2019, due to COVID and bird flu. It was certainly worth the wait, as we held the trial on totally new ground, with excellent cover and plenty of birds, a real open Cocker ground.

The day started overcast, but soon cleared and was very warm and sunny for so late in the year.

Our judges were Jud Lascelles and Andy Faulkner, who gave all the dogs and handlers a good and testing run on this new ground, thank you judges for an excellent trial.

Our thanks also go to the guns Adrian Phelp, Andrew Bolton, Paddy Williams and keeper Tom Alpin for their excellent marksmanship. The Stewards, game carriers, picker up and red flag, without their help the day wouldn’t run, so thank you guys for all your support.

Our biggest thanks go to Tom and Emily Alpin of Buckland Shoot, who have been good enough to give us permission to come to their excellent ground, I think they enjoyed the day and watching the dog’s work.

Sponsorship from Skinners and Beth Payne for our prizes and certificates, thank you very much for your support once again.

The results were as follows:

1st and Guns Choice – Misselchalke Green Mamba of Dolbrenin (FtCh Misselchalke Frantic x FtCh Misselchalke Nettle) – Jeremy Davies

2nd) Taffswell Roberta – Matt Warren

3rd) Sky of Wellbank – Will Clulee

4th) Donnachaidh Spynie – Will Clulee


Episcopi Zest – Anita Jones


Novice AV Spaniel Stake

On 4th November we held our Novice AV Spaniel trial in Par. Out thanks go to Dan Tuckett for allowing us to come to his ground. This was Dans first trial on the ground and I think he would agree there was a good standard of dog work on show. This was a true farm shoot trial, held on a working farm, with lots of different types of ground to test the dogs and handlers.

Our judges were Jeremy Davies AP and Jon West NP, they both gave all the competitors a good run and watched their dogs work thoroughly, the day finished with a runoff for first place.

My thanks go to my team of helpers, and our guns, who really worked hard and made the day work for everyone. Thank you, guys, you really are appreciated, I can’t do it without you.

Thanks again to our sponsors Skinners for their certificates and prizes.

The results for the day were as follows:

1st Ffynongain Tyler (Whiznic Weetabix x Tynywaun Chantelle) – Keelan Dudbridge

Winning both the S&D Trophy & the Spannerwood Trophy for Best Hunting Dog

2nd Cornermarsh Hickoery – Sam Moon

3rd Chancegrove Gwen – Charles Hard

4th Lanhydrekgon Bluejen Angog – Chris Hoskin

Com & Guns Choice – Edgegrove Vigo – Sam Moon


Bellverwood Sunshine – Christopher Roberts

Halaze Willow – Peter Neale

Bucklawren Bandit – Antony Brown

Lannissey Queen of Cornwall – Matt Warren