Results of the AV Open Springer (except cocker spaniel) held at Caerhays Estate, today the 13th October, near St Austell BKPO

The Williams family and Head Keeper, Mr Jim Andrew’s.

Judges Mr Simon Jones and Mr Angelo Lo Curto

1st. Mr Harley Thomson - Ddraighelwyr Blair’s

2nd. Mr Nathan Quinn - Whitebeam Warbler

3rd. Mrs Alice Wise - Esgob Floss


Mr Dave Rayner - Halaze Voodoo Child of Woodash

Mr Andrew Faulkner - FTCh Shellspoon Time to Shine

Mrs SAJenkins - Shiveck Zoli

Mrs Alice Wise - Draigcoch Ella

Guns choice - The Trudgie Memorial trophy - Mr K Roberts-Clarke - Nosrettap Woodland of Flintwood ( owned by Mr John Cook) and the CFTS tankard - Mr Nathan Quinn.

My thanks go to the Williams family for allowing us to run our trial on such a magnificent estate. Many thanks to the guns for shooting for the trial, Jim and his underkeepers, Margaret Cox for running the day and the helpers, Sharon, Libby, Pia, Sue, Jo and Keith. Last but by no means least Beth Payne and Skinners for their sponsorship.

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