Open Qualifying AV Retriever Trial on 5 November


1st Grayspeed Tutbury L/R d Mr R Gray
2nd Lakedown Lightening L/R d Mr R Phillips
COM Abbotsleigh Eewa at N'debele Guns' Choice L/R d Mrs P Watson

Judged by Gwen Knox, Steve Ashby, Tim Shipp and Dave Stephens

Novice AV Retriever Trial on 29 October

Colquite Ret Winners 300

1st Bisto Fella L/R d Mr R Davies
2nd Lubbecke Venezia L/R b Ms G Yates
3rd Trentinney Sea Mist Guns' Choice L/R b Mrs A Mabley
4th Houndswood Cedar at Tunnelwood F/R d Mr S Ashby
COM Uppamoor Duchess at Tunnelwood L/R b Mrs S Ashby
COM Kilpen Lioness of Morvenne L/R b Mrs B Payne
COM Laneast May L/R b Mr F Fitheridge

Judged by Judy Rainey, Keith Sandercock, Simon Hansell and John Hodge

Open Qualifying AV Retriever Trial on 22 October

Carn Ret Open small

2nd Lillyhorn Peregrine L/R b Mrs C Nunneley
Brecon of Batemoor Guns' Choice L/R d Mr C Damon

Judged by Graham West, Roger Phillips, Steve Ashby and Mike Larkin